Taiba Brothers Farms store for the luxurious dates and ajwa that characterize the blessed lands of Medina. We produce them in a 100% natural way and are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Ha

Site Rules Usage Agreement

This agreement defines tariffs, services and guarantees between the buyer and Taiba Brothers Farms Store.


Website: is the e-commerce platform defined as “Tiba Brothers Farms Store”, and the website address is

Buyer: He is the person who completed the order through the customer's account on the site or as a visitor to purchase the products of approved dates farms and fairs on the site via the Internet.

Shipping company / carrier: It is the company that carries out the process of transporting goods from one place to another.

Delivery: The period during which the goods are shipped to the customer.

Policy: The customer's shipment number.

Seller: A factory or shop that displays its products on the site. And his name appears on every page of his products.

Working days: The working days of the week are from Saturday to Thursday.

Site services :

The Taiba Brothers Farms Store offers the service of selling dates products and their derivatives online. When the customer requests any of the products based on the site, the Taiba Brothers Farms Store website will prepare and ship them to the customer's country or to the address specified by the customer.

The commitments of the Taiba Brothers Farms Store:

  • Tiba Brothers Farms Store is committed to protecting the rights of the buyer and choosing the best and finest products with high reliability.
  • The Taiba Farms Brothers website has the right to act in cases in which the customer does not respond to the Taiba Farms Brothers store website or respond to the correspondences received from it, so that these cases urgently need the buyer’s opinion, and the delay in dealing with these cases will harm the Taiba Brothers Farms store, The customer bears full responsibility in this, and the customer must follow up on his request, follow his e-mail, and respond to the correspondences of the Taiba Brothers Farms store.
  • The Taiba Brothers Farms store is obligated to deliver the item and ship it to the customer's location via the shipping company he chose, after paying the shipping amount.
  • Tiba Brothers Farms Store is obligated to return the amount of the canceled order before the order is shipped to the customer’s account within 7 days of submitting the order and receiving it to his account on the platform from which the payment was made: Mada, Visa, MasterCard, Kant or SADAD.

What is not under the warranty and responsibility of Taiba Brothers Farms Store

  • The Taiba Brothers Farms store does not bear the delay in the approved shipping companies. We do our best, God willing, to protect our customers and deliver shipments to them as soon as possible.
  • The Taiba Brothers Farms store is not responsible for the error that is written in the shipping address, nor is it responsible if the address is missing, and we are working to communicate with the shipping company to amend the information whenever possible.
  • The site does not bear the error in the buyer’s assessment of the product to be purchased, as the product specifications are clarified in the product description, as well as the details of the service are clarified to the customer with the terms of use.
  • The responsibility of the Taiba Farms Brothers store is released from the request as soon as the carrier receives the responsibility and the responsibility is transferred to the company chosen by the buyer and what happens to the request in terms of damage, loss, minor breakage, or a change in the quality of the product, and he has the right to claim compensation when this happens, and the Taiba Farms store team Brothers is ready to provide all administrative advice and assistance.
  • The Taiba Brothers Farms store has the right to change this agreement without notice, and the change is valid on all orders, except for orders that have been approved and paid for, they are valid on the agreement before it is modified.

Client's rights and obligations:

  • The customer has the right to cancel the order before the order status is “shipped” without any reason, and he must notify the site to cancel the order.
  • The customer is responsible for choosing the product and the customer must ensure that the products written in the order are exactly what he wants.
  • The customer has the right to demand the shipment tracking number issued by the chosen company to the address specified in the order.
  • All correspondence regarding purchase, payment, etc. is done through Tiba Brothers Farms.
  • After the customer's request has been converted to a status of (Processing), the customer is not entitled to request any change to his request without the approval of the Taiba Brothers Farms Store.
  • The customer must put the dates at an appropriate temperature that tends to be cold and not expose them to moisture or air entering the box so as not to change the quality and validity of the product
  • The customer bears all costs that may be imposed by his country, such as customs, entry fees, etc., and he has no right to ask the Tiba Brothers farms store to pay that on his behalf or to consult officials to reduce or reduce fees, and the customer must make sure that the goods he orders are allowed to enter his country, as The customer bears the responsibility of seizing or confiscating the goods by the competent authorities, and the customer must review those authorities if they require a special kind of release, or if they have a legal responsibility.

(*We mean grade A* wherever it is found) Factory-wrapped dates of quality No. 1 from our farms, where the dates of large size and the size close to it are chosen from the palms of our farms in Madinah, noting that natural dates are not characterized by luxurious size, but are characterized by natural size and natural taste and are healthy Without chemicals. Dates free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers are 100% natural from our farms in Madinah.

(*We mean grade B* where available) Factory-wrapped dates of quality No. 2 from our farms (where medium-sized and close-sized dates are chosen. Dates free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are 100% natural from our farms in Medina.

(*We mean grade C*) Factory-coated dates of quality No. 2 from our farms, where dates of small size and size close to it are selected, dates free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are 100% natural from our farms in Madinah.

Dear customer, we hope to inform you of the following details:

1- We guarantee, God willing, that all our dates displayed on our website are 100% natural free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers from our farms in Madinah.

2- High quality dates from the new season.

3- If the dates are from the previous season, this shall be mentioned and explained to the customer in the product description on the website.

4- We only sell the dates of our farms in Medina and we guarantee their quality, God willing.

5- Our wrapped dates are packed at the latest factories according to the technical and health controls of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA), the HACCP International Food Safety Certificate, the ISO22000 International Food Safety Administration Quality Certificate, and the BRC FOOD British Retailer Standard Certificate.

6- We aim, God willing, to provide dates distinguished in their quality and packaging at affordable prices for the customer and competition from the farm directly, and we ask God to make this a good and a blessing for us and our valued customers.

7- Home delivery to all regions at a discounted shipping price through well-known shipping companies, ARAMEX and the American UPS, as well as we deliver by carrier and by Saudi Post.

8- Home delivery service is available with a cash on delivery service through FASTLO.

9- We ship to all countries of the world according to the customer's request, from within the Kingdom or from abroad, with competitive prices and many options.

10- The customer is provided with detailed shipment information and tracking number to know its location at any time until it is delivered to him, God willing.

11- Natural dates are not characterized by the luxurious size, which there are fertilizers and chemical compounds dedicated to obtaining the largest sizes, as well as the consistent size, and that is also in all products such as fruits and vegetables, but they are characterized by natural size and natural taste and that they are healthy without chemicals.

12- When there is any note on the product, quantity, or any inquiries, we hope to contact us on the customer service number 0593153946 by phone or WhatsApp, call in the morning and WhatsApp 24 hours, and your call and inquiry will be answered as soon as possible, God willing. We consider you as our partners and appreciate your trust in us We strive to achieve what you aspire to from our products.

13- We ship in the morning period from Saturday to Thursday, and delivery is done by shipping companies to the customer’s home from 3-6 days, usually depending on the region and within Medina within 24-48 hours.

14- The customer is contacted by the representative of the delivery company on the customer’s mobile phone shown in the application, and it is usually during the official working hours of the delivery company.

15- In some governorates, the payment upon receipt service is not available from shipping companies.

And we ask God for all good, success and blessing.