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Taiba Brothers Farms store for the luxurious dates and ajwa that characterize the blessed lands of Medina. We produce them in a 100% natural way and are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Ha

The first illustrated book on Ajwa

Ajwa Al-Madina is a prophetic miracle and a scientific fact

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The Ajwa Al-Madina book is a prophetic miracle and a scientific fact, the first illustrated book about Al-Madina Ajwa Dates that explains the description of the Al-Madina Ajwa date palm, the description of its dates and the hadiths mentioned in its virtues and mentioned in it published and refereed scientific research from famous universities and research centers on the benefits of Al-Madina Ajwa date and its medical effect in prevention and treatment with an appendix on medication and medicine Prophetic.

Written by:

Engineer Mansour bin Muhammad al-Muhammadi, palm cultivation expert and supervisor of the Tiba Brothers farms for organic dates in Madinah, member of the Agricultural Committee in Madinah, member of the Saudi Society for Organic Agriculture, the Dates Association in Madinah and the Friends of the Palm Society, and the founder of the Palm Services channel on YouTube, and he has a special interest in the city’s pressed-dates. and its therapeutic benefits.

Sheikh Hani Salah Mahmoud, one of the scholars and authors of Prophetic Medicine, and his books include a summary of the scientific miracles of therapeutic prophetic medicine and the book Atlas of cupping, and he has many programs on prophetic medicine on satellite channels.

We offer the book at an exclusive discounted price to the customers of Taiba Brothers Farms, and the book can be obtained from Jarir Bookstore and Dar Al-Zaman Bookstore in Madinah.

And we ask God to make it useful knowledge.

15 SAR
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