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Taiba Brothers Farms store for the luxurious dates and ajwa that characterize the blessed lands of Medina. We produce them in a 100% natural way and are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Ha

Wanana Dates

Wanana dates are 100% natural

Wannanah Dates

19 SAR 24 SAR

(1 kilo)

Dates and Nana

100% natural

Production date: 9-2021

We sell in our store the dates of our farms in Medina only

Al-Wananah dates are 100% natural, from the production of our farms in Madinah.


The Al-Wanana palm is one of the palms that is grown in Medina and is considered one of the old palms in it, although its cultivation in it has become rare and few, as it is cultivated in the Qassim region. Its fruit is oblong and dark brown. And their length, and these dates are from the production of our farms in Medina, a good farm, and we ask God for blessing.


Packaged in high quality cartons

Weight 1 kg

It is characterized as:

  • High quality product.
  • 100% natural.
  • Free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

* All pictures of products are from the reality of our farms

All rights reserved to Tiba Brothers Farms.

19 SAR 24 SAR

محمد فريج البلوي

2 weeks ago

لذيذ ما شاء الله


سلمان السعيد

3 months ago



متعب المطيري

5 months ago

مغلف أعجبني الله يبارك فيك

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